Saturday, June 6, 2015

June 2015

Yo! I hope everyone is doing well and stoked it's finally warming up out there! I've got a decent sized update for you. Here it goes...

I'm stoked to announce that I am working with A Trillion Barnacle Lapse again to release their unreleased final album, Nut Royalty. Give this baby a few months and it'll be in your hands in no time!

The Under A Sky So Blue/Celebration - Split 7" is finally at the pressing plant. Not sure when the release date will be, so hang in there folks! I know it's taking awhile, but this record is so good that it's totally worth the wait!

Listen here...

A new demo tape by my band, The Cambodian Heat has finally dropped! If you dig sassy/grindy hardcore ala Daughters, The Number 12 Looks like you and other whitebelt classics, you'll LOVE us. The tape is going fast, so get your hands on a copy or get some for your distro fast! So fast, that it's already at the pressing plant to get pressed as a 7"!

Listen here...

These fabulous records were finally released as well...

The Spirit of Versailles - ...Is Dead 12"

The Truth About Dreaming - Capitalizing on your Emotions 7" e.p.

Amygdala - The Horror of Never Being Able to Forget 7" e.p.

All three can be purchased as a bundle deal or separate through the OCN Storenvy.

Check it.

Other than that I have a few more records in the mix that will be announced soon! All of them are bangers!

Thanks for the love & support!


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