Friday, August 22, 2014

August 2014

Hello everyone!

The summer is almost over and I'll be back to school and back to my normal schedule, meaning I'll have more time to dedicate to the label! I guess this just means I'll get your orders in the mail faster, post more interviews and finally finish up some of those podcasts. Anyways, here's the rest of your August update.

-The Edict of Milan test presses were approved and they sound amazing! Now I'm just waiting for those massive boxes of 12"s to show up on my door step and the jackets that the band themselves are screen printing. Once all the materials arrive, pre-orders will begin!

-The A Trillion Barnacle Lapse tape has been sent to National Audio Company and should be out sometime in September if their plant isn't too busy. Super stoked on this one folks!

-Under A Sky So Blue-Demo Tape, Renounced-The Melancholy We Ache Tape, and the Waller/The Truth About Dreaming-Split tape are out now and are available in the storenvy now! Get in touch for wholesale prices and trades! I also have some limited edition Nayru T-Shirts for sale!

-The Spirit of Versailles Tour CDr masters were tracked down and now they'll be re-mastered and cut at Black Matter Mastering very soon!

-The Truth About Dreaming/Short Stories About Their Distance split 7" will be cut at Black Matter Mastering here shortly as well, then off to the pressing plant!

That's it for this month! Thanks for the support and I hope you are as stoked about these releases as I am!


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