Monday, July 21, 2014

July 2014

Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by and reading this blog post. Here's what's going on with the label  this month!

I'm extremely excited to announce that I am working with one of my all time favorite bands, A Trillion Barnacle Lapse, to release a retrospective of tracks entitled, "Selective Memory," on cassette within the next few months. ATBL's history is very interesting. They began as a band that was more on the screamy hardcore side of the fence, then ended up creating a sound of their own that really changed the way many people looked at music. This tape will be professionally dubbed and 100 copies will be available when the time comes <3

-The Truth About Dreaming // Waller split tape was sent to National Audio Company. It'll be a bit until I receive a test tape, but it's final at the plant.

-The Edict of Milan 12" is in the middle of being cut. I'm still waiting on test presses. Fingers crossed I'll get them soon!

-The Spirit of Versailles 12" is still in the early stages of development. Album art is being made and the original masters are being tracked down.

-I'm slowing working on the new Renounced album. Things this awesome take a little bit of time!

-Two The Truth About Dreaming tapes were released on 07/18/2014. A live tape, "Noise Attack Devastating Lansing Vol. 2" and a self titled cassingle. New xTTADx t-shrits are available as well.

 Listen Here

Listen Here

That's all I've got for ya! See you next month <3

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