Friday, June 6, 2014

June 2014

Hello! Here's the label update for this month!

UPS delivered the Science is Made Up of Mistakes tapes today! They look and sound beautiful. Those will be out next Friday (06/13/2014). I will have 50 copies and the band will have 50 copies, so if you live overseas buy it from them and some money on shipping!

The Waller/The Truth About Dreaming split tape will be sent to press shortly! It'll be the next project heading to National Audio Company.

I'm excited to announce that I'm releasing the new album by Renounced, "The Melancholy We Ache" on tape! This album is flawless and will have you moshing in no time! Listen to it here...

Now for the BIG news. I've been keeping this release a secret, but now it's time to reveal it. I am working with The Spirit of Versailles to release their super limited tour CDr, that was released many moons ago as a 12" record. The 8 songs on that CDr are probably some of the most important screamy hardcore tracks ever recorded and now they'll be on wax for the first time ever!!!

That's all I got for ya! Thanks for all the support everyone. It means a lot <3

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