Friday, March 21, 2014

March 2014

Yo! The tour down to SXSW with Ice Hockey and Gas Up Yr Hearse was a success! I met a ton of totally rad people that are doing some incredibly things for our scene. Now that it's over, I'm super bummed and am already missing everyone, but the show must go on! Here's what's going on with the label right now!

-The Rue Morgue 7" pre-order is up! There are two versions available. 100 on black vinyl with OG cover and 50 on mixed colored vinyl with an alternative cover. Jump on this 7" soon! Once it's's gone forever!

Rue Morgue Live

-I'm stoked to announce that Science Is Made Up Of Mistakes (Spain) and I are working together to release their debut Ep, The Backbone of the Night, on tape. Give them a listen! They are awesome!!!

Look at these sweethearts <3

-Mariesena-Ruth is finally out on tape! I've been jamming this tape a ton lately. If you enjoy super dark screamo, this piece of plastic is right up your alley!

-Other than that I'm helping out with some splits and other records here and there. Yusuke/Lori Berenson split, Gas Up Yr Hearse!!/Pretty Mouth split, Aokigahara 7", etc...

Gas Up Yr Hearse/Ice Hockey/The Truth About Dreaming

Cya next month and thank you for all your support <3

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