Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October 2013

It's finally October! This month I've got some exciting releases coming your way! The Anne Hero/The Truth About Dreaming split 7" is finally available in my storenvy! Pick one up if you want. I'm totally down to trade or wholesale them, so please get in touch if your interested! 

I'm happy to announce a split lathe 7" between my project, The Truth About Dreaming, and my very good friends, We Took The Hill. It'll be out in a few weeks. It's WTTH's last release. I'm honored to share a piece of plastic with them and help release their final track! Here's my track for the split...

The Yusuke/Delos split 7" is still being planned out at the moment. I heard both band's tracks and they're great! This split is going to be a banger! I'll dish out more information when I can.

I've come in contact with a very good band from San Diego, CA called Nayru a few weeks ago and I'm extremely stoked to announce that I'll be helping them release their debut album, Recollections, on tape! I'm hoping we can get this out sometime in November! Listen to Nayru here...

Working on the weird absurd limited OCN cassettes too. I just released this song as a cassingle...  

This tape turned out really nice! I only have a few of them left, so snag one up fast if you want one.

Last thing...I'm still working on a bandcamp. I'm also trying to get some patches and pins made. Again, if anyone wants to trade or wants some wholesale action, please e-mail me at 

Thanks for all your support. This has been your official Off Cloud Nine Label update!



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