Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2013

Well we've finally reached September and I have a lot things going on here at Off Cloud Nine. The test presses for the Anne Hero/The Truth About Dreaming split 7" have been approved. Anne Hero and I should have the final products either at the end of the month or the beginning of October. The Rue Morgue masters are very close to being done. Everyone is trying to figure out where the Delos/Yusuke split 7" will be pressed at. I have a couple of tapes coming out at the end of the month, xEradicatex Demo Tape(Chokehold/90's hardcore worship project between a few friends and I that never went anywhere. Rediscovered it. HAVE to release it! haha). The other tape is just me messing around with an old 4-track, The Truth About Dreaming/Crocodile Hiss split. Not a very serious release, but some people wanted some new Crocodile Hiss Material, so why not?!

Other than that, I'm busy setting up the Off Cloud Nine bandcamp, working on a mini zine, and trying to build a distro.

The storenvy is finally up and running, so buy something and show some love!!!

I booked another show at The Record Lounge! The headliner is a fabulous band from California named Ruptures! The other bands playing are Anne Hero, So Long Naota, me/The Truth About Dreaming, and possibly xEradicatex(first and last show).

Here's a video of me preforming some The Truth About Dreaming material!

That's really all I got for you. Check the OCN facebook for smaller updates! Thanks for reading and all the support! <3

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