Friday, July 5, 2013

July 2013

Hello everyone!

Thanks for checking out this blog. It's going to be the main place for any and all Off Cloud Nine related things. Just thought I would update this thing for the month of July. The Coma Regalia/Gas Up Yr Hearse! split 7"s are possibly arriving at my house within the next few weeks. No promises though. It could even be until August before I get them. Anne Hero and I just finished our album art for our split 7" and all of our tracks are ready to go! Hopefully we'll get everything sent to the pressing plant sometime next week! I'm in the middle of making a bandcamp for this label so listen to all this stuff...


and here...

As for the Rue Morgue lp, I'm getting all their tracks mastered next month and hopefully have that bad boy out this fall! I'm insanely stoked on that release! On top of that, I'm looking for some labels to help out with the new The Truth About Dreaming e.p. I'm just about done recording all the tracks and will send some rough mixes to anyone who is interested in helping me release it!

I booked both of these awesome shows at The Record Lounge. Hopefully you make it out! Your support would mean a lot to me and these incredible musicians!

July 6th-Ice Hockey, We Took The Hill, The Truth About Dreaming

July 14th-Gas Up Yr Hearse!, Yusuke, The Truth About Dreaming, Anne Hero

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