Thursday, October 15, 2015

October 2015

Hello everyone and happy Halloween! I've got some interesting things going on behind the scenes here at OCN! Here's the scoop...

First order of business, I love Halloween and I want you to love it too, so use the promo code "HXH2015" when checking out on the lovely OCN storenvy and save 15%!!!

Next, I want to announce a new xTTADx (The Truth About Dreaming) e.p.!
The e.p. is entitled, "Two Songs" and boy are these tracks the bee's knees! Hands down the best xTTADx material to date. This release is coming out on tape with in the next few weeks, so watch out! Limited to 50 copies. I'll update this post with some killer photos once all the materials arrive for the tape. Friendly Otter is also doing a CD version later!

The Under A Sky So Blue/Celebration-Split 7" will be out within the next few weeks too!
All the pieces and parts are finally ready to go. Everything will be sorted out, then sent to the bands and the other label involved shortly. Super stoked to finally get this rager out to the public!

As for the Gas Up Yr Hearse/Iwakura-Split 7", I haven't received any updates about it, but I'm sure it's in line at a pressing plant somewhere. I'll try to get the tracks for both sides, along with the artwork, and upload the release to the OCN bandcamp soon!

If you didn't know, I'm working with A Trillion Barnacle Lapse again to release their wonderful unreleased album, "Nut Royalty". I have the tracks ready to go and I'm waiting on artwork. This release is going to knock your socks off. Hands down some of the unique songs the band created and believe me, they don't disappoint! Once the artwork is sent my way, I'll upload Nut Royalty to the OCN bandcamp as well!

Also, I screen printed some OG screamo patches again! I needed something to entice people to actually buy physical releases instead of getting a ton of e-mails from people asking for totally lame mp3s. Pick something up through the OCN storenvy and tell me want patches you want in the comments portion of your order and you'll get one for every item you buy. If you only want the patches, you can buy them straight up from the webstore too.

If you're interested in sweatshirts/zip-ups and looking totally rad this Fall, there's a pre-order up for OCN, The Truth About Dreaming, and The Cambodian Heat sweatshirts and zip-ups! Here's some pics <3

Well, that's all I've got for the month of October! Have a happy and safe Halloween! I'll cya next month <3

Sunday, September 20, 2015

September 2015

Yo! Long time no update... I've been crazy busy with other stuff that will never be as cool as running a record label. Here's what I have for you...

-The Under A Sky So Blue // Celebration - Split 7" will FINALLY be out in a few weeks. It's been a long time coming people. The record looks and sounds great. Super stoked to get this one out to the masses. Peep these pics of the record...

 Listen here...

-The new Caust 7" is at the pressing plant. Waiting to approve the test pressings. This record is a straight ripper!

Listen here...

-Stoked to announce that I'm co-releasing a new split 7" between Gas Up Yr Hearse!! & Iwakura. Not sure when it will be out (possibly sometime this winter or spring???).

Listen here... 

That's really all I've got for you. Next month expect some new The Truth About Dreaming material and a demo by my new band xEradicatex.

Take care and thanks for the support <3

Saturday, June 6, 2015

June 2015

Yo! I hope everyone is doing well and stoked it's finally warming up out there! I've got a decent sized update for you. Here it goes...

I'm stoked to announce that I am working with A Trillion Barnacle Lapse again to release their unreleased final album, Nut Royalty. Give this baby a few months and it'll be in your hands in no time!

The Under A Sky So Blue/Celebration - Split 7" is finally at the pressing plant. Not sure when the release date will be, so hang in there folks! I know it's taking awhile, but this record is so good that it's totally worth the wait!

Listen here...

A new demo tape by my band, The Cambodian Heat has finally dropped! If you dig sassy/grindy hardcore ala Daughters, The Number 12 Looks like you and other whitebelt classics, you'll LOVE us. The tape is going fast, so get your hands on a copy or get some for your distro fast! So fast, that it's already at the pressing plant to get pressed as a 7"!

Listen here...

These fabulous records were finally released as well...

The Spirit of Versailles - ...Is Dead 12"

The Truth About Dreaming - Capitalizing on your Emotions 7" e.p.

Amygdala - The Horror of Never Being Able to Forget 7" e.p.

All three can be purchased as a bundle deal or separate through the OCN Storenvy.

Check it.

Other than that I have a few more records in the mix that will be announced soon! All of them are bangers!

Thanks for the love & support!


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April 2015

Hello Everyone! Sorry about skipping over March. I've been super busy behind the scenes physically working on and planning some more releases. Here's what I've got for you...

I'm currently dealing with delays for The Spirit of Versailles 12". The pressing plant the record is at is backed up I guess? I've been talking to two different people at the plant on the phone (when they pick up) and through e-mail at least once a week and can't ever get any solid information about a pressing date/shipping date. It totally sucks and I apologize to everyone who pre-ordered about all this. I'll make it up to you by throwing in extra goodies.

The Truth About Dreaming - Capitalizing on your Emotions 7" E.p. will be shipped out to all the awesome labels that helped out at the end of the week, so you won't be able to blink without seeing it!

The labels include Dingleberry Records and Distribution (Germany), Don't Live Like Me Records (MA), Trends Die Records (TX), VG Night Records (VA), CutYourselfStupid Distribution (IL), and Doujinshi DIY (MI).

Super stoked about this one!

The Amygdala 7"s are shipping out pretty soon! Hope to have them within the next two weeks. You won't want to miss out on this e.p.! It's a total rager with some solid messages behind it. Amygdala is hands down one of the best bands around right now!

Preview the 7" here...

A spring cleaning sale will be going down this Friday (4/10/2015) and will last around two weeks. I'm in desperate need of more space for new releases, so expect to be able to snag a whole bunch of stuff for next to nothing! More information will be posted later this week!

The Under A Sky So Blue // Celebration - Split 7" will be sent off to the pressing plant very soon! I also can't tell you how stoked I am about this one!

Preview the split 7" here...

I'm currently in the middle of planning more releases! They're in their early stages, so I can't announce anything just yet, but just know they will destroy your ear drums <3

Thanks for the support everyone!

Cya next month!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

February 2015

Hey everyone! Here's what's going this month!

-The Truth About Dreaming - Capitalizing on your Emotions 7" e.p. and The Spirit of Versailles - ...Is Dead 12" will finally be up for pre-order March 2nd! I'll have all sorts of bundle deals going on, so everyone will be able to get a solid deal on these records! Each pre-order will come with a limited Spirit and xTTADx buttons and promo posters!

(Test pressing of the xTTADx 7" B-side etching)

-Amygdala - The horror of never being able to forget 7" e.p. will be out at the end of the month!

-The Under a Sky so Blue / Celebration - split 7" will be going off to press in a week or two.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

January 2015

Hello everyone! Here's what's going on with the record label...

The Truth About Dreaming - Capitalizing on your Emotions 7" e.p. was sent off to the pressing plant. It should be out within the next few months. I have plenty of labels co-releasing this bad boy with me. Trends Die Records, Don't Live Like Me Records, CutYourselfStupid Distribution, Dingleberry Records & Distribution (Germany), VG Night Records, and Doujinshi DIY. 

Peep the B-Side Etching by Dan of Black Matter Mastering

Listen here...

The Spirit of Versailles - ...Is Dead 12" will be coming out of the pressing plant within the next few weeks. Pre-orders will go up mid-feburary.

Listen to the completely remastered version of the album here...

Amygdala - The Horror of Never Being Able To Forget 7" e.p. will be out within the next few months as well. Super stoked on this one folks. Amygdala is one ripper of a band and totally unstoppable. Hands down the best band to come out of Texas to play their brand of hardcore/punk in years.

Listen here...
(Also, look out for the Amygdala / The Truth About Dreaming - split 7" COMING SOON!)

Stoked to announce another release with Under A Sky So Blue and welcome a band that crushes my ear drums every time I listen them, Celebration, to the label! This split 7" is a rager. Both bands shine through with a style that many can't reproduce these days. 

Listen here...

That's really all the information I have for you. 3 killer 7"s and one insanely rad 12" to start the year off right! Cya next month <3

Sunday, November 30, 2014

November 2014

Yo! Here's what's been going on this month...

I've got a big sale ending tomorrow. Classic cyber monday type of deal. Everything is on sale, including some distro items, so snag some stuff up for cheap and show some support! Huge thanks to everyone who has ordered from me during the sale! You're making it easier to release the next few records for everyone to spin.

The Spirit of Versailles - ... Is Dead 12" test pressings should arrive on my doorstep at the end of December. Hoping to have the pre-orders up around the end of January. This all depends on the pressing plant's schedule of course.

The Truth About Dreaming - Capitalizing on your Emotions 7" will be cut and sent to the pressing plant in a few weeks! This could possibly be out the same time as the Spirit 12", so there could be a package deal available.

The Cambodian Heat - Demo Tape is out now! 2 songs of screamy, sassy, metal! Featuring ex/current members of The Truth About Dreaming, Ice Hockey, We Took The Hill,  and Organz.

Buy here...

The Amygdala 7" could possibly be out in January? Not entirely sure, so I'll give you more information once I have it. They are going on a west coast/midwest tour very soon. They're coming to a city near you! Check it out!

That's all I got for ya! Here's the next few shows that the OCN Distro will be at...

December 12th, 2014 @ The Church of the Cats
The Truth About Dreaming, Empire! Empire!, + 3 TBA

January 5th, 2015 @The Chamber of Seacrest
Amygdala, The Truth About Dreaming, Yusuke, Reduced to Instinct, Zack Hollander

OCN - xoxoxoxox - <3